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Biography of Esseline Keeven

Esseline graduated in 2006 from the Design Academy Eindhoven. From 2007-2017 she was an independent self-employed designer, specialized in graphical design, illustrations and completed various assignments.

In 2016, Esseline started investigating whether she could make a lamp using new technology. Many experiments followed; first with small-scale 3D printers and now with a large robot arm.

Esseline is a Biomimicry designer. She draws her designs with nature as a source of inspiration. Her recent designs are inspired by the beautiful shapes and patterns that you see when you look at cells at a microscopic level. The arrangement of lines in her flat design has a major influence on the final bulging of the printed 3D objects.

It is important for Esseline to contribute to the circular economy.


The plastic that is used is therefore made from recycled plastic waste that has been fished from the Amsterdam canals. The lamps themselves are also recyclable. Because there is mechanical adhesion between the plastic and textile, the materials can later be separated and reused.

For the production with the robot arm, Esseline works together with HB|3D. She uses high-quality lighting for in-the-art light objects.  

"Formidable Lighting" is the name for her collection, of which the first professional prototypes have now been made.




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