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Esseline's  art 

In addition to making applied art (design), I am a versatile artist who tries everything with materials and techniques such as working with epoxy, stucco and natural color pigments. 


I started my career making large abstract expressionist works set to music. But now I thought it was time to make new, different work. 


As a human being and an artist, I am currently concerned about what is happening to the earth. The earth is beautiful, but unfortunately it is not treated sparingly. I translate its beautiful nature and its layers into my work in an abstract way. First I make large paint spots with acrylic paint and ink, once they are dry I paint various patterns over them with Indian ink. It will be an exciting color composition.

But the synthetic paint materials... they really disappoint me at the moment because of the pollution of the earth. That's why I'm now making my own paint from plants, crops and flowers. I am an artist who experiments a lot and wants to constantly renew and challenge myself. Here on my site you will see a mix of old and new work. Some works have been sold. Are you looking for something similar? I can also work for you on commission. 

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